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Common Plumbing Problems and The Importance Of Proper Maintenance

Every homeowner out there must have at least a few tools to deal with small plumbing repairs and emergencies. A slow drain implies using a plunger and maybe cleaning the pipes, while a clogged toilet can easily do with some elbow grease. You don't have to be a plumber to handle small issues. Even replacing a faucet or a worn washer can make a good DIY operation. But on the other hand, there are certain situations that require professional attention. Unless you know what you're doing, you risk aggravating the problem. If you're not sure about something, just seek help from an emergency plumber Auckland instead.

Now, what are the most common issues homeowners have to tackle?

Running Toilet

Running toilets don't necessarily ask for emergency help. After all, the water keeps running down the drain. It's not like it will flood your house. They do need immediate attention within a day or two though. Why? Simple! A running toilet will easily waste around 200 gallons on a daily basis. Even if you don't necessarily care about the waste, think about your bill. Seek plumbing today Auckland and tackle the situation before your bill skyrockets.

Dripping Faucet

dripping faucet

No faucet lasts forever. Even if it's new, chances are it may start dripping after a few years. At first, the problem is insignificant. A few drops an hour will not necessarily ruin your bills. That's why most homeowners actually take their time and ignore the problem. If you are handy with such things, you don't really need a plumber Auckland. But if you're not, you better seek help. Faucets are not expensive, while the replacement shouldn't take more than an hour. At some point, you'll have to replace it anyway, so why waste water and money?

Slow Drains

Whether it comes to your kitchen or bathroom, slow drains represent a common issue due to all the things that go in there. That's why dishes must be thoroughly cleaned before being washed. Small amounts of food will clog to drain and build up overtime. The same goes for toilets – avoid dumping all kinds of small things in there, just because they look like they can go. Although there are a series of home based solutions for slow drains, try to avoid the so called drain cleaners. You risk aggravating the problem. Instead, opt for professional drain unblockers Auckland.

Leaking Pipes

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Pipes tend to leak during the wintertime, especially if you live in an area with freezing temperatures. That's because the water freezes sometimes and dilates, putting pressure on the pipes. Pipes are quite resistant, but their joints are not. That's where leaking occurs. Unfortunately, many pipes are hidden behind walls for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, you may not observe a leak as soon as it starts. Pay attention to wet spots instead, whether they are on the floor or the ceiling.

These issues almost always require a plumber Auckland. It's daunting, indeed, especially as the problem might affect the design of your wall. However, if you fail to fix it, the overall damage will be even worse.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure has multiple reasons. It's not hard to figure yourself what the cause is. If someone else is using water while you shower (such as for doing dishes), the pressure might be lower in the bathroom. On another hand, shower heads are just like faucets. They don't last for too long and need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. In the worst case, the low water pressure is triggered by a leak. When water goes down through another hole, the pressure is obviously affected. If this seems to be the cause, the diagnostic is a challenging job. You might need an emergency plumber Auckland because the leaking damage to your house could be overwhelming in the long term.

A professional will have to analyze joints, check behind walls and figure where the leak could be before proceeding with the repair.

Water Heater Problems

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Water heater problems don't usually occur overnight, but in the long run. The water is not as hot as it used to be. Plus, its temperature alternates. At some point, it will fail. You'll come back from work one evening and try to take a shower, only to realize that you can't have hot water. How old is your water heater? Most of them can go for around 10 years, depending on the quality.

Water heaters are sophisticated and require a professional plumber Auckland. Sometimes, replacing a small part might solve your problem. However, if your heater is too old, you might need a new one. It's certainly more expensive than fixing an old one, but try to see it as an investment for the next decade.

Importance of Proper Maintenance

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Whether you rent or own the house, you live in it, so it's in your interest to keep it in the best possible condition. You want a comfortable experience, so pay special attention to the plumbing aspect. The truth is that many plumbing problems sneak up and become obvious after they actually aggravate. However, many others can be tackled early. The secret is to keep an eye on small issues before they become emergencies. Never overlook hidden leaks in drains or under heaters, not to mention water seeping into plaster. These issues lead to structural damage and mold growth.

Many tasks are easy DIY jobs. You can do inspections yourself by checking out pipes (especially in hidden places), looking for moisture, condensation, dampness and corrosion. Corrosion occurs fast on damp metal, so it may also be related to a leak.

Monitor water pressure and variations all around the house, flush toilets and watch the temperature.

In conclusion, identifying a plumbing problem in an early stage might leave room for a DIY job. For everything else, you'll need a professional. Look for plumbers whenever you feel suspicious about a problem. Remember that the longer you wait, the more it aggravates. After all, plumbing problems will never fix by themselves.

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